Bamboozled: Seeking 'sugar daddy,' girl finds scam as a substitute

I’m getting vibes I don’t like from certainly one of my messages. Hasn’t requested for any bank info yet (and I know to by no means give that out). The scammer anonymously advised the Times in its first report, “I bear in mind assembly some ladies. I don’t keep in mind the main points.

The only method to be assured is to go on dates with the particular person to seek out out if it’s legit. For all you realize, the sugar daddy may be a scammer or an image collector with the intention to exploit you. Ensure that you set up a level of trust before jumping into anything. From paychecks to safety, you should watch out at each step. There was one sugar child rip-off where the sugar child was sent fake checks as her allowance.

And they get mad at him and now there telling me to open a new account and I mentioned no. You would have thought the first was a purple flag however when two had been asking and explained the same thing I thought it was the way it goes since I’m actually new to all of this.

Lucky me i have one credit score debt down however now i know and im letting others know .when you need cash that dangerous remember money is the root to ALL evil this couldve been worst but i wasnt that dumb. I would never have given him any information if i had a great standing account with cash on it so this was a leson for me. Lol I’ll be doing uber eats all day tomorrow before work as a result of I dont want NO mf sugar daddy . I just started trying into an arrangement as a man I’ve made some bad financial selections and am looking to improve my position in life.

Why is it that my new account was deleted inside hours of creation? an individual in your buyer support claimed there was fraudulent exercise on my account. what activity? i hadn’t even sent one message!

I don’t know how I will get my account again with out telling them that I’m being scammed as a result of it’s truthfully embarrassing. He still talks to me however I don’t know if I should confront him or just attempt to fix it with the financial institution and try to repair it and hold the money, than change my password and knowledge.


Seeking Arrangement: The #1 Sugar Daddy Dating Site

I assume I’ve just been scammed by my sugar daddy and I am freaking out. I am hoping that I am simply being dramatic but you never know how a days. Omg similar thing with me…this sugar daddy site is too good to be true. I too am new to the sugar baby world and so when he asked what bank I used, my intestine informed me to begin researching this out.

A ‘Sugar Date’ Gone Sour


I cant even consider I fell for that, I know not to give out my information. He also mixed the scam wity the gift card one saying he needed me to try this so he would know he could trust me before sending me the faux examine. I fell for certainly one of these scams and I feel like i really shouldve recognized better. He wished my accpunt data and asked me to send some cash to somone for him that he deposited into the account.

@coinbird A good friend of mine used to work in some kind of fraud prevention team at a big bank. They would have loved to obtain any type of identifying info pertaining to the scammer. Criminals seek individuals who want to give or promote their bank accounts so that they can use the accounts for money laundering.

Bamboozled: Seeking ‘sugar daddy,’ girl finds rip-off as a substitute

I have a sugar mommy wanting me to buy an eBay reward card to where they will put the money and link it to my paypal. I havent accomplished it yet trigger i desire a second opinion.

He was really hostile the whole time and I’m glad I cut it off. I lastly received every thing right with the bank, but I’ll by no means give my info again. BEWARE. This is a HUGE rip-off happening on Instagram and I’m certain MANY different social media apps. A man by the name “Kevin Vega” @kevin_v5710 ; cellphone quantity (610) commented on my pic one thing candy with the ending line “I ought to be spoiled”. Further into the day we ended up direct messaging and exchanging numbers.

Am I being scammed by a sugar daddy?

seeking arrangement fraud

This ranges from controlling the bank accounts to having control of bank cards or paying hire. If he isn’t stored happy, he has an immediate capability to terminate entry to housing, transport, and cash.