CUBE 1.5

CUBE 1.5

Perfect for larger restaurants, caf├ęs & catering, prepares
up to 3 quarts (3 liters) of homemade gelato,ice cream,
sorbet and frozen yogurt per hour.

-Comes in a Range Of colors.

-Suitable for use with homemade mix, liquid compounds and powdered products.

-Innovative & elegant patented design.

-MProfessionally constructed in brushed & polished stainless steel with matching stainless steel paddle.

-Completely self-contained freezing unit allows for continuous use.

-No pre-freezing, ice or salt needed; this means no mess.

-Simple controls.

-Transparent lid with safety, that – when removed – automatically stops the paddle from churning. (Cube 750 and 1.5)

-Heavy duty motor shuts off automatically if batch becomes too hard.

-The slow rotation motor gear box provides for rich, flavorful gelato with minimal overrun.

-Custom color powder coating available upon request.

-Made with sustainable materials, recyclable packaging, an energy efficient motor and green refrigerant.

-Handcrafted in Italy.

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Capacity (g) 1500
Length 350cm
Height 350cm
Depth 350cm
Weight (kg/lbs) 25/55,1
Voltage (VAC) 220 or 110 *
Frequency (Hz) 50 or 60 *
Power (W) 440
Absorbed electricity (A) 2,5
Type of gas used R404a
Full gas capacity (g) 85

Please Note:
1. LID – it protects the product during preparation. The transparent lid comes equipped with a safety, that – when removed – automatically stops the paddle from churning. 2. LOCKING NUT – it is used to block and maintain the paddle in its correct position. Once unscrewed, the paddle can be removed for cleaning and maintenance. 3. PADDLE – made of stainless steel, the rotating paddle produces frozen desserts by push- ing the ingredients towards the internal wall of the mixing bowl, which is cooled by an internal compressor. 4. TIMER – a mechanical 60-minute timer that works in conjunction with a churn and chill switch to shut the unit off when a set time has elapsed. 5. CHILL SWITCH – an illuminated chill switch controls the compressor (“l” with light ON indicates the compressor is in function – ON; “O” with light OFF indicates the compressor is OFF). 6. CHURN SWITCH – an illuminated churn switch controls the rotary motor and stainless steel paddle (“l” with light ON indicates the rotary motor and paddle are in operation – ON; “O” with light OFF indicates the rotary motor and paddle are OFF).

All goods come with the full manufacturer’s warranty.



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